Alford – 2015

DSCN0639[1]On Friday we started our journey from Frechen at half past one. We reached Rotterdam at about 6 p.m., where we checked in and the captain informed us about the rules on the ship. And, we understood everything!

When we had all unpacked we visited Deck 10 where we could see how the ship left the harbour. Then we enjoyed some of the various facilities on the ferry like a café, a piano bar, shops or even a disco. The journey on the ferry was very exhausting because of all the waves, so some of the students got ill but we all completed the journey to England well.

The next morning was horrible. We had to wait for nearly 3 hours until we were able to leave the ferry because there were very strong winds and the gangway couldn’t be docked onto our ferry. When we finally could get off by passenger busses someone lost his bag, the security check was closed and we had to wait again, this time for nearly an hour. Then we finally started our journey in England and arrived in Alford at 1 p.m. Meeting our guest families was very strange because from then on we had to live with another family. In the afternoon we all met at a leisure centre and played basketball and table tennis. It was a good way of warming up again with our partners.

On Sunday we all spent the day with our families. Some even went to London by train. Some others, among them me, met in Skegness to play laser- tag and go bowling. Since laser tag was not available we only went bowling. Finally we all met at the beach and had fun together- guess what, it didn’t rain.

On the sunny Monday morning English and German students went to Lincoln, where we were guided through the famous Lincoln Cathedral, which was very big and impressive. But of course Cologne Cathedral is still bigger. Our tour guide was very funny and told us many interesting stories about the Cathedral, for example that it was destroyed by an earthquake. After that we finally went shopping in the lovely city of Lincoln.

We enjoyed this day a lot. All in all it was a very good start for the exchange and we are looking forward to our next days here in Alford.

Henrik Jekel, 8 a

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